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About Us

Founded in Brooklyn, New York, by Harry Shpelfogel and Sally Goodgold, WarmTradition.com is the largest online hot water bottle specialty site in the United States.
Tired of the hot water bottles that never stayed warm, frustrated with hot water bottles that always leaked or hot water bottles that were not environmentally friendly - they knew there must be a better solution out there.
WarmTradition.com was quickly born, offering the most eco-friendly thermoplastic BPA - FREE hot water bottles manufactured under strict conditions in Germany - and then adding almost every cozy hot water bottle cover (made in the USA) you can think of, from fleece to velour to flannel and more in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures for men, women, children, babies and even pets!  WarmTradition.com's mission: To offer the best quality hot water bottles you will find online, along with the convenience of fast, free shipping and the best customer service around. Standing behind this mission, WarmTradition.com makes it easy for customers to contact them by phone or email at 1-800-694-4866 and info@warmtradition.com.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Lucy Rosen Shpelfogel. This was her pride, her joy and her dream. She was and still is our guiding light.