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Cold Feet? Hot Water Bottles are the Answer

Before you can fall asleep, you must be warm.  The comfort and reassurance of sleep will only envelop us when we are warm and relaxed.  Having warm feet increases the temperature of the whole body, inviting sleep.

Hot water bottles are the quickest, most effective foot warmers there are, superior in many ways to microwavable socks which don't hold the heat for as long as a hot water bottle.  Microwavable slippers have the same problem; they don't hold heat and are more expensive.  A hot water bottle will keep your feet warm for many years.  Keep warm. Keep well.

The physiological response to cold is peripheral vasoconstriction or narrowing of the blood vessels of the skin.  The process serves to keep the core of the body warm, essential for older people if they are to avoid hyperthermia.

A warm bed is the easy and economical answer for cold feet.  Take several hot water bottles to bed.  Use them as foot warmers, body warmers and bed warmers.  Try a covered hot water bottle.  The insulation provided by the cover will ensure the hot water bottle remains warm long after you have fallen asleep.

Warm your feet anytime - day or night - with a hot water bottle.  It is guaranteed to warm up your feet within minutes!