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Keep Warm While Skiing

Don't forget to bring along your Fashy hot water bottle on your next trip to the ski slopes.    Your hands and feet will thank you!

Your feet will need a good warm up after a long day of skiing.  Simply fill your hot water bottle with very hot water and let your feet rest on top of the bottle.  You will feel the cold melt away and turn into warm comforting goodness.  Hot water bottles are also the perfect remedy in the prevention of frost bite.  As soon as you feel your fingers turning very cold,  take a break and grab your hot water bottle. Place the bottle between your palms allowing the palms, fingers and finger tips to have full contact with the hot water bottle.  Let the heat penetrate through your hands and do its job.  Finally, after a long day outside, kick up your feet and cuddle with a hot water bottle and let your muscles relax!

Fashy's Knitted Hot Water Bottle is a good choice to take along on a ski trip.  It feels more comfortable on bare skin and allows the heat to last even longer.