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Melt Away Menstrual Cramps with a Hot Water Bottle

Mensrual cramps are usually caused by contractions in the uterus which is a hollow, pear-shaped muscle that contracts throughout a woman's menstrual cycle.  If the uterus contracts too strongly, it can press against nearby blood vessels, cutting off the supply of oxygen tot he muscle tissue of the uterus.  This brief loss of oxygen in the muscle is what causes the pain.

Applying heat to the area by placing a hot water bottle on the lower back or abdomen eases this pain by allowing the blood to flow more freely.

This is far superior to taking pain relief medication which dulls the pain but doesn't treat the actual problem like a hot water bottle does.  Using a hot water bottle to ease menstrual cramps also has no side effects and our bodies naturally associate warmth with a feeling of well being, helping to relax and not feel so down.

Fashy's Single Ribbed Hot Water Bottle is a good choice for menstrual cramps because one side of the water bottle is thicker then the other.  This makes the thicker side slightly cooler, giving you a choice of heat intensity depending on which side you place on your body.

Or you may prefer Fashy's Heart Shaped Hot Water Bottle for its slightly smaller size and its fleece cover which feels very cozy.  Other cuddly hot water bottles are tge Fleece Covered Got Water Bottle by Fashy and the Velour Covered Hot Water Bottle by Fashy.