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Hot Water Bottles - Tummy Ache Zappers!

One of the most common complaints from children is a stomach ache.  They can be mild and short live, or they can be chronic.  It can be cramping or sharp.  Many times it's harmless and passes.
Constipation can cause a stomach ache.  Gas or colic can also be a cause. Indigestion is one of the more common stomach upsets.  It is due to overeating, drinking carbonated drinks, and junk food.  It can also happen if a child is suffering from anxiety, stress or depression.

( If the stomach ache is continuous and gets worse along with vomitting and fever, call your pediatrician.  If the pain lasts for more than three hours and continues to worsen, and the child looks unwell, call the pediatrician.  If the pain comes and goes, but lasts over twenty four hours, call the pediatrician.)

A hot water bottle will help a child with a stomach ache become more comfortable.  Resting with a hot water bottle will often help the pain to subside.  If the child is a baby, put the hot water bottle on your knees and lay the baby on its belly on top of the covered hot water bottle.  If the child is older, they should lie on their back with the hot water bottle on their tummy.

It is best to use a hot water bottle that is covered to protect the child's sensitive skin. The Fashy Flying Lambs Fleece Covered Hot Water Bottle is a great choice to soothe a baby's stomach ache or colic.  The Fashy Teddy Bear Hot Water Bottle, the Fashy Crazy Monster Hot Water Bottle or the Fashy Plush Lamb Hot Water Bottle would all be great choices for a child's stomach ache relief.