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Warm Tradition Transparent YELLOW Classic Hot Water Bottle

Warm Tradition Transparent YELLOW Classic Hot Water Bottle

$ 10.95

About the Product
  • Bottle made from thermoplastic resulting in extra long lasting heat
  • Integrally molded hot water bottle, preventing leakages
  • Transparency makes it easier to fill
  • Odorless, safe and recyclable
  • High Quality and Craftsmanship

The Transparent Orange Classic Hot Water Bottle is made of a transparent thermoplastic. It provides an extra long lasting heat. The transparency of the hot water bottle allows you to see how much water is being poured into the bottle. Children and teens always love the transparency of this hot water bottle with the ability to see the water swish from side to side . Single ribbed on one side, the hot water bottle provides intense heat that melts away stress, reduces sore muscles, relieves cramps, helps relieves stomach aches, helps children and adults get to sleep, eases arthritis pain, reduces pregnancy aches and pains, warms up cold feet, keeps you warm and so much more!! Both men and women, teens and children love hot water bottles. Size: 12 inches x 8 inches. Volume: 2 liters

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