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Stay Warm with Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottles #MBPFALL21 #REVIEW


Your solution for monthly cramps, chills, aches and pains is here from Warm Tradition with their specialty hot water bottles!

Warm Tradition sells hot water bottles in many different styles, sizes, colors, and materials.  Their bottles are made of the highest quality materials- no leaks, breaks, or smells.  Selling high-quality bottles allows them to offer happy customers a lifetime guarantee on their products. 

They are also available to produce private label hot water bottles for your event, occasion, or business needs.  We can print on the bottles, create monogram covers for the bottles, as well as personalize your packaging. 

Benefits and Uses

  • ACHES & PAINS, Sore Backs, Stomach aches, Muscular Tension, Helps alleviate stress, relief for Menstrual pain and chills from cold and flu.
  • BED WARMER - A cozy warm hot water bottle placed in your bed makes for a comfy night especially during cold winters.
  • CHILL CHASER - When you feel the chills our Hot Water Bottle will keep you warm naturally!
  • SPORTS ACHES AND PAINS - Hockey, Soccer, Football - Any sports injury or sprain is relieved with hot or cold Fashy therapy!
  • MENSTRUAL CRAMPS - A hot water bottle on the abdomen brings pain relief and soothing comfort.
  • CAMPING - Place a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag and make a chilly camp-out a warm event.
  • FLU - CHILLS / ACHES - A warm soothing companion to help you through a nasty bout with the flu.
  • WARM YOUR FEET- Got cold feet? - Customers report that our Hot Water bottles keep feet warm and toasty for a long time.
  • ARTHRITIC PAIN - Natural moist heat therapy for arthritic pain relief especially pain in arthritic hands and knees.
  • COOL OFF! - Freeze or add cold water and ice to our Hot Water Bottles and cool off in hot weather especially if you are outside a crowd in 100 degrees!
  • RV'S AND CAMPERS -Chilly nights in RVs and campers are a thing of the past with a warm hot water bottle. Great for kid’s beds late at night or early in the morning.
  • CAR WARMER - On a very cold day just place our Hot Water Bottle on your dash about a half hour before you leave and watch the window clear up. The heat will radiate throughout your vehicle.
  • EAR ACHES - Customers report that the heat from the bottle soothes earache pain. Toothache relief has been reported also
  • SLEEP TIGHT - To help you sleep after a high-stress day, lie down with a hot water bottle on your stomach, close your eyes, and breathe deeply, so the bottle rises and falls. We carry a lot of tension there and the weighted heat releases it. Try it!

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