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Yoga + Hot Water Bottle = Pure Relaxation

Using a hot water bottle during yoga practice helps promote deeper relaxation and awareness.

Try this wonderful breathing technique along with your hot water bottle.  You will find it to be more effective while using a hot water bottle.
The hot water bottle helps to further clam the body and focus the mind.


1. Come to sit or lie in a comfortable position, taking padding under your seat as necessary.
2. Place the hot water bottle against your abdomen
2. Close your eyes and begin to notice your natural breath, not changing anything at first.
3. Begin a slow count to four as you inhale. Then also count to four as you exhale. Notice your abdomen rise as your inhale, feel the weight and warmth of the hot water bottle penetrate your abdomen.  As you exhale feel the hot water bottle sink in to your abdomen further promoting deeper relaxation
4. You may experiment with changing the number you count to, just make sure your inhale and exhale stay the same length.
5. Continue breathing this way for several minutes.