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SANGER Icebear Kurt-Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany

SANGER Icebear Kurt-Hot Water Bottle - Made in Germany

$ 34.95

Two in one - a soft & cuddly polar bear and a hot water bottle
Included is a 1 liter rubber hot water bottle - extra long lasting heat!
Removeable soft and fluffy polar bear cover
Perfect for children, teens and adults of all ages!
High Quality - Bottle made in Germany

Warm Tradition's Polar Bear Hot Water Bottle are great for infants, children, teens and adult! The cuddly polar bear is outrageously soft and cuddly and is perfect to cuddle with at bedtime. The warmth of the hot water helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It also soothes aches- ear, stomach, head and muscle. It will be your new best friend and will help chase stress, tension and fears. Some of its other benefits and uses- soothing aches and pains, easing sore back pain, melting away muscular tension, stress relief, menstrual pain comfort, bed warmer, keeping hands and feet warm, diminishing arthritis pain, soothing children, creating a restful night sleep, television companion, book buddy, dog and cat's warm friend, keeping warm during sports event, traveling companion, baby colic soother, pregnancy and labor pain relief... the benefits are endless! All you need is access to hot water- no electricity, no microwave- all natural relief! Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottles are made in Germany under strict European safety guidelines. Included is a travel size hot water that is made of eco-friendly rubber, safe and fully recyclable, The mouth of the hot water bottle has an approximate volume of 1 liter. The hot water bottle's adorable face and floppy ears are filled with detail along with its plush and soft texture makes warming up so joyful.

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