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Stay Warm with Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottles #MBPFALL21 #REVIEW

  Your solution for monthly cramps, chills, aches and pains is here from Warm Tradition with their specialty hot water bottles! Warm Tradition sells hot water bottles in many different styles, sizes, colors, and materials.  Their bottles are made of the highest quality materials- no leaks, breaks, or smells.  Selling high-quality bottles allows them to offer happy customers a lifetime guarantee on their products.  They are also available to produce private label hot water bottles for your event, occasion, or business needs.  We can print on the bottles, create monogram covers for the bottles, as well as personalize your packaging. ...

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Hot Water by the Yard?

I remember when I was little and lived in New England. I loved it when my mother would heat up the water bottle, wrap a towel around it, and hand it me to cuddle around. Fast forward to present day where hot water bottles are improved to the effect of being 2 1/2 feet long! The SANGER LONGI hot water bottle, complete with knitted cover is ideal for chilly nights and when you’re not feeling well – and holds 2 1/2 liters of water!

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Warm Tradition Cuddly Dog Pillow

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It's fun to be a kid giveaway! Over $130 in prizes!

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Chase Flu Pains & Chills Away With a Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottle

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